Rules for Staging your Home!

1. Clean Up!
Clean your house from top to bottom! Make your home flawless! A great investment would be to hire a professional to clean the house as well as all of the windows to make sure it is cleaned to perfection! 

2. Fix the Obvious!
Fix any dripping faucets or a cracked tile etc.  Make sure everything is in working order to prevent potential buyers from straying!

 3. Say Goodbye to Clutter!
You may love your clutter but it doesn't sell homes.  Clutter makes homes seem smaller and disorganized so try and eliminate at least half of what you have in your home.  It is much easier for a buyer to see the product when it's not being hidden by all of your belongings!

4. Go Neutral!
Neutral colors sell;  It's a fact.  Try to convey an image of quality and neutrality.  Potential buyers walking through your home want to imagine themselves as the owners.  If you use styles or colours they would never select, you've just turned them off.  Staying high-quality, but neutral is safest.

5. Don't get Personal!
Remove objects that your potential buyers won't be able to identify with.  For example, political and religious items may turn off whole groups of buyers, because they cannot imagine your home as their home.  Buying a home is an emotional decision, and you want potential buyers to make an emotional connection with your home by being able to see themselves in it.