Renovation Pricing Guide

Renewing, renovating and remodelling your home can go a long way in giving your home the appeal it needs to boost its value to buyers. In todays market, Buyers are attracted to properties that are up to date and require little work, deciding to buy homes that they can simply move into and live. It's also easier for them to pay a bit more and incorporate it in their mortgage, rather than take on a renovation project after they close. Whether you decide to freshen up your paint or put in a new ensuite bath, review the list below to determine which projects will give you the best return on your investment.

This list is for information purposes only and is only intended to give you an idea what you can expect various projects to cost and what your return on investment (ROI) may be.


Top do-it-yourself renovations with best return on investment

Paint the interior $1,000 50-100%
Replace carpeting with affordable laminate $2,000 (for 1,000 square-foot space) 50-75%
Install new light fixtures $2,000 60-70%
Groom the exterior landscape $2,000 25-50%
Replace knobs and hardware $2,000 75-100%
Update the entryway $3,000 50-75%
Replace carpeting and laminate floors with hardwood $5,000 (for 1,000 square-foot space) 50-75%
Build a fence/deck $5,000 50-75%

Renovations with best return on investment; professional help may be required

Install an additional bathroom on main floor Under $5,000 80-100%
Renovate bathrooms $5,000 - $8,000 75-100%
Renovate kitchen $12,000 - $15,000 75-100%

*Assumes mid-grade quality finishes, labour excluded

** Source: Appraisal Institute of Canada RENOVA, Royal LePage

Interior remodeling costs (est.)

Electrical Systems

Upgrade of main service to:

100 amps $1,500 - $1,800
200 amps $2,500 - $2,800
200 amps (with existing underground) $1,300
400 amps $5,000+
16 circuit auxiliary panel $350 - $450 ea.
electrical permit (major work) $150+

Plumbing Systems


sink & faucets $600+ ea.
dishwasher connection $275 ea.
garberator $600+ ea.


whirlpool bath/faucets $2,200+
bathtub/faucets $900+
shower connection with shower head $200+
toilet $400+
wash basin/faucets $350+
pedestal sinks/faucets $400+
pre-formed shower enclosure $1,400 - $1,900
ceramic tiles to existing tub enclosure $1,500+

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)

Forced Air System

high-efficiency gas furnace $3,700
installation of air ducts (new) $8,000+
installation of air ducts (retrofit) $10,000+
to metal line existing chimney $600+
air duct cleaning $275+
hot water gas boiler $3,500 - $4,400
hot water gas "high - efficiency" boiler $7,000
circulating pump $600

Air Conditioning/Heat Pumps

window units: 12 BTUH $800
ductless systems $4500
central A/C unit using existing ducts (2 tons) $3,200+
central A/C unit using existing ducts (3tons) $4,000+
heat pump (2 tons) $4,500
heat pump (3 tons)  $5,500

Thermal Insulation (Retrofit)

to add R-20 (6") of loose insulation (700sq. ft.) $750
to add R-32 (10") of loose insulation (700sq. ft.) $950
wall/roof cavities $2 - $2.50/sq. ft.


masonry fireplaces $5,500+
factory-built fireplaces $2,500 - $3,500
wood stoves $2,000 - $3,500
fireplace inserts $700 - $1,200+

General Interiors

interior doors/hardware/jamb $320 ea.
baseboards/door & window casing $3+/lin. ft.
walls (ie. insulation, vapour barrier, drywall tape) $3.50/sq. ft.
painting (3 coats) walls   $1.50/sq. ft.
kitchen cabinets/counter tops $300+/lin. ft.
intercom system (retrofit) $1,200+
central vacuum (retrofit) $1,200+


oak circular stair $5,000+
carpet grade circular stair $3,000
standard oak staircase $2,500+ ea.
standard carpet grade staircase $1,500 ea.
stair railings $100+/lin. ft.

Floor Coverings

sheet vinyl $8+/sq. ft.
12"x12" P.V.C. tiles $4/sq. ft.
carpet+ underpad $6+/sq. ft.
laminate flooring $6/sq.ft.+
finished subfloor $3/sq. ft.
oak, maple $10+/sq. ft.
parquet flooring $7/sq. ft.
hardwood floor refurbishing $2.50-$4/sq. ft.
ceramic floor tile $16+/sq. ft.

Security Systems

wireless motion detectors $500
wired system $1,300+


underpinning $250+/lin. ft.
lowering basement floor (bench method) $200+/lin. ft.
recreation room remodeling $50+/sq. ft.
to construct basement apartment $100 sq. ft.+
to construct separate basement entrance $10,000 ea.
excavation/waterproofing exterior foundation $20/sq. ft.

Exterior remodeling costs (est.)

Exterior Doors

steel insulated doors $700+ ea.
solid wood doors $900+ ea.
6' aluminum patio doors $1,500+ ea.
6' wood patio door $1,800+ ea.
aluminum storm door $450+ ea.

Roofing Systems

Sloped Roofs

asphalt shingles $2.50/sq. ft.
low sloped asphalt shingles $3.50/sq. ft.
cedar shakes $13/sq. ft.
cedar shingles $11/sq. ft.
slate tiles/steel roofing $15+/sq. ft.
clay/concrete tiles $7 - $10

Flat roofs

4-ply (tar and gravel) $8 - $10/sq. ft.
single-ply membrane $7 - $9/sq. ft.
rolled asphalt ( 90lb ) $2.50 - $3.50/sq. ft.

Wall Siding

aluminum siding $6/sq. ft.

cedar siding

$6 - $8/sq. ft
asphalt shingles $2.50/sq. ft.
vinyl siding $5/sq. ft.
stucco (cement) $15+/sq. ft.
brick (veneer) $15+/sq. ft.

Eaves Upgrading (Aluminum)

eaves troughs/downpipes (5") $6 - $7/lin. ft.
fascia (6") $5/lin. ft.
soffit (16") $6/lin. ft.
remove existing eaves troughs $1/lin. ft.


pressure treated lumber (5' high) $25/lin. ft.
cedar (5' high) $35/lin. ft.
chain link (4' high) $12/lin. ft.


pressure treated $25/sq. ft+
cedar $30/sq. ft+
custom designed & built $35/sq. ft+
wood patio/roof deck $20/sq. ft+


interlocking brick/stone $12 - $14/sq. ft.
stamped concrete $10/sq. ft.
patio stones $4/sq. ft.
wood decking $8+/sq. ft.
flagstone/field stone $20/sq. ft.

Skylight/Roof Windows

2'x4' skylight on a flat roof (incl. interior finishing) $3,300+
2'x4' skylight on a sloped roof (incl. interior finishing) $4,000+
2'x4' roof window (including interior finishing) $3,300+

Window Replacement

wood/vinyl windows $75+/sq. ft.
aluminum windows $55+/sq. ft.
aluminum storm windows $150 - $250 ea.
aluminum porch enclosures $15+/sq. ft.
fixed thermal glass (existing frames) $20/sq. ft.


interlocking brick/stone  $12 - $14/sq. ft.
stamped concrete $10/sq. ft.
asphalt paving (using existing base) $3/sq. ft.
asphalt paving (with installation of new base) $5/sq. ft.


top soil and sod $2/sq. ft.
tree removal $1,800+ ea.
6"x 6" pressure treated retaining walls: below grade (per piece)   $15/lin. ft.
6"x 6" pressure treated retaining walls: above grade (per piece) $10/lin. ft.


removal of existing garage $3,000
detached carport $6,000
detached wood frame 1-car $17,000+
detached wood frame 2-car $22,000+

Swimming Pools

16'x32' with 3' perimeter walkway:

vinyl lined $25,000+
concrete lined $40,000+
pool heaters $2,000
pumps/filters $1,200
seasonal opening/closing maintenance $200 - $350
6' x 8' fiber glass hot tub $6000+


†Estimates include the supply and installation of average-quality building materials using professional workmanship.


Source: Estimating & Budgeting Guide: Typical Costs of Residential Construction and Home Remodeling. The CanadianBuilding Consulting Group Inc., 2007.