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Hamilton Real Estate Home Improvements

Whether you are presently a home owner or someone looking to buy a home in Hamilton, these DIY projects and tips will help you beautify your home and save you a lot of money at the same time. Learn new techniques or develop new skills.

Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford

Planning your dream kitchen? Before you make the big decisions, here are 5 things you should know about kitchen cabinet design.

The post 5 Things You Should Know About Kitchen Cabinet Design appeared first on Today's Homeowner.

11/30/2020 5:27:09 PM

Taking down your home's fall decor? Those pumpkins may still be useful! Here's how to make roasted pumpkin seeds, a delicious fireside treat!

The post Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: How to Make This Delicious Treat appeared first on Today's Homeowner.

11/27/2020 11:00:00 PM

Don't have enough storage? Hesitant to invest in more organization? Here are solutions for stylish, affordable storage from Cabinets To Go.

The post Beautiful, Affordable Storage Solutions for Every Room appeared first on Today's Homeowner.

11/24/2020 10:56:32 AM

Learn how a pool warranty protects your pool from damage and whether a home warranty comes with a pool warranty

The post What Is a Pool Warranty and What Does It Cover? appeared first on Today's Homeowner.

11/19/2020 6:49:25 AM

Toilets leak, wear out and break down. Replacement is unnecessary when a little maintenance can do the trick. Here are four toilet parts you should replace.

The post 4 Toilet Parts You Should Regularly Replace appeared first on Today's Homeowner.

11/16/2020 3:48:33 PM

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to major lifestyle changes. That could significantly impact the housing market in college towns, according to a new survey.

The post How Covid-19 Affects the Housing Market in College Towns appeared first on Today's Homeowner.

11/8/2020 8:36:12 PM

Everyone has an opinion about the 2020 presidential election — including real estate agents. Here's how they say it will affect the housing market.

The post How the 2020 Presidential Election Affects the Housing Market appeared first on Today's Homeowner.

11/8/2020 4:52:34 PM

The house is your biggest investment, so protecting it couldn’t be more important. Here's how you can prevent some of the most common house fires.

The post 5 Common Causes of House Fires (and 5 Ways to Prevent Them) appeared first on Today's Homeowner.

11/5/2020 1:32:51 PM

A common question that homeowners have is, “What’s the best concrete crack filler?” The answer depends on how wide the crack is and if it is moving.

The post SOLVED: What is the Best Concrete Crack Filler? appeared first on Today's Homeowner.

10/28/2020 3:05:56 PM

New homes' innovations in energy-efficiency also negatively affect indoor air quality. Here are tips to make it easier to breathe inside your home.

The post How to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality appeared first on Today's Homeowner.

10/23/2020 12:15:46 PM