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by Donna Bacher, Broker, Royal LePage State Realty Brokerage (905)574-4600
"As the Councilor turns"....the continuing saga of Hamilton City Hall!

I know that if I was a Councilor...and it was only two months away from my performance review...and I knew that I had voted for something that wasn't going to meet up to millions of dollars worth of funding guidelines...I may be flip flopping around on my desk as well. Yes...just like Councillor McHattie did today...I may be tempted to grab a microphone and start a little micro campaign against the stadium location that I had supported less than a couple of weeks ago. McHattie also used the well known slight of hand trick by trying to get the focus away from his flip flopping and get the focus on some true evil...some other mystery Councilor who really wanted to sabotage the Mayor but wasn't gutsy enough to have his name in the ring yet. I love this City!!!

First of all...in my humble opinion...the West Harbour stadium was a good idea...just half baked, and I wonder how many of the Councilors actually drove up and down the streets within a block or two of the proposed site. It could have worked if the City would have set out to expropriate a couple of extra city blocks, allowing for a larger area for parking, access and transitional commerce...but they didn't. Then with the assistance of a mediator a chunk of land on the East Mountain is pulled out of a hat. Now, I don't want to mess up things here, but hasn't anyone, including all the brilliant engineers the City has working for them, ever thought that perhaps the flooding problems we're having in the lower City, and our new water ride aka "The Red Hill Creek Expressway", could...just maybe could,  be a result of us building in, around, and all over the Stoney Creek Mountain...home of the expansive Eromosa Karst? So lets build a Stadium right next door to Leon's. I seem to remember that when Leon's was built...a good portion of the building dropped due to some nasty unstable land. No one seems to remember that.

Kudo's to the Pan Am organizers. They appear to be extremely patient and compassionate, but exactly how long can they torture themselves by watching the brainiacs running our City try to figure this all out. Or do you think that we look so pathetic that they just can't pull the plug? I somehow imagine a Pan Am meeting with rep's from all the participating municipalities sitting around the table...and then in comes the Hamilton crew, continuing the food fight they started on the Go Bus.

When the City looses out on Government Funding of any kind, we actually take a double hit. Not only do we not benefit from increased commercial tax base, but we loose out on getting some benefit from all of the Income Tax, HST, Land Transfer Tax...and any other Provincial or Federal tax we pay. Our Provincial and Federal tax dollars end up going to other Municipalities, and we're left with escalating residential Property Taxes. That seems to be the way it is in Hamilton, so let the saga continue!

Posted: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 10:43 PM by Donna Bacher, Broker


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