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Hamilton Real Estate Home Improvements

Whether you are presently a home owner or someone looking to buy a home in Hamilton, these DIY projects and tips will help you beautify your home and save you a lot of money at the same time. Learn new techniques or develop new skills.

Danny Lipford - Home Improvement - DIY - Videos

Hammering nail into a wall
Hammering a nail into a wall can be hazardous, especially if it’s a small nail. Here’s how to protect your fingers from getting smashed!

8/24/2019 10:09:25 AM

Painting a wall
Do you have regular headaches or feel dizzy at home? These are just a couple of side effects from exposure to volatile organic compounds.

8/24/2019 12:50:04 AM

Sap Oozing from Deck Boards & A Shrinking Floor
Learn about a solution for sap leaking from deck boards. Plus: Why vinyl plank flooring shrinks, and go behind the scenes of the Today's Homeowner TV show.

8/23/2019 8:16:58 AM

Paint Week Giveaway As seen on: Giveaways • contests.about.com • Infinite Sweepstakes Videos

8/23/2019 4:22:40 AM

Garage door dumbwaiter being used to carry groceries upstairs.
Revisiting a DIY dumbwaiter project and discussing septic tanks and garbage disposals — all on this week's Today's Homeowner Podcast.

8/23/2019 2:32:45 AM

Painting a house
Most homeowners turn to professional painters when updating their home’s exterior. However, with the right know-how and proper equipment, painting your home is easy and, let’s face it, more affordable. Homeowners who want to ‘DIY’ the job should consider these tips. 1. Consider the Type of Paint Painting your home requires paint that’s thick and […]

8/23/2019 1:32:59 AM

Pergola and curtains
These 4 hardscaping elements can really bump up your yard’s WOW factor.

8/22/2019 4:46:58 AM

Home addition, viewed from inside
Many people want to expand their home as their family grows. But before that happens, there should be plenty of planning! Here's where to start.

8/22/2019 3:56:16 AM

Mini split air conditioner
Let's talk about ductless air conditioners — and those pesky rumors about them. Here, we're sorting fact from fiction!

8/22/2019 3:10:37 AM

Retractable awning over a patio
Want to create a backyard paradise? Add these shade solutions. You'll never want to go inside!

8/22/2019 2:12:11 AM