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Hamilton Real Estate Home Improvements

Whether you are presently a home owner or someone looking to buy a home in Hamilton, these DIY projects and tips will help you beautify your home and save you a lot of money at the same time. Learn new techniques or develop new skills.

Danny Lipford - Home Improvement - DIY - Videos

Chapter 4: Local, Regional... National
In the 4th chapter of "The Today's Homeowner Story," Danny experiences success and hardships on the road from local remodeler to national TV host.

10/16/2017 1:25:23 PM

Ventilation Solutions for Healthy Indoor Air
Broan offers innovative ventilation solutions for the kitchen and bath, from decorative vent fans to sleek, modern range hoods.

10/16/2017 12:17:10 PM

8 Home Smells That Could Be Signs of Danger
Some household odors can serve as clues that there are hidden dangers in the home – problems that could be pricier to repair and potentially hazardous to your health if not found and fixed quickly.

10/13/2017 7:00:18 AM

Tip for Cutting Sheets of Plywood
Here's a tip for supporting a sheet of plywood while cutting it with a circular saw, preventing it from pinching the blade and creating a dangerous situation.

10/11/2017 7:00:54 AM

Empire UltraView LED Torpedo Level
A level is a pretty simple tool so innovating it is a bit tricky, but that's just what Empire has done with their UltraView LED Torpedo Level. Tiny LEDs surround the vial, lighting it up in the darkest spots. It is available at The Home Depot.

10/11/2017 7:00:22 AM

Kitchen and Bath Ventilation for Healthy Indoor Air
Air flow and proper ventilation are vital to sustaining healthy indoor air, and the kitchen and bath are the best places to start.

10/10/2017 7:00:39 AM

RIDGID GEN5X Cordless Belt Sander
Some power tools haven't made the leap to cordless because they simply require too much power. The belt sander used to be one of those tools, but RIDGID has changed that with this GEN5X unit. It is available at The Home Depot.

10/4/2017 7:00:33 AM

Creating a Wood Accent Wall
A wood accent wall that looks like exposed siding creates an interesting focal point in any room in your home.

10/4/2017 7:00:28 AM

5 Pro Painting Tips
Here are 5 tips to help you paint your next room like a pro.

10/4/2017 7:00:02 AM

Chapter 3: The Beginning
"The Today's Homeowner Story" continues with Danny's epiphany on a backpacking trip of starting his own handyman business to becoming the host of a cable access show called Better Living.

10/2/2017 7:00:42 AM